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RGW Physicians’ Expertise Showcased in Retina Specialist and Retina Times Articles

The September/October 2019 edition of Retina Specialist magazine featured an article titled “Strategies to Reduce Errors in Office Procedures,” authored by RGW physicians Daniel Berinstein, M.D., Joshua Levinson, M.D., and Kevin Broderick, M.D. The article reviews patient safety challenges in retina practices, and includes recommendations for optimizing patient well-being and eliminating errors related to office-based procedures.

Drs. Berinstein, Levinson, and Broderick identify the major safety challenges faced by retina practices around the country, and offer practical advice for mitigating and eliminating those commonly found in the clinic and operating room, as well as those related to certain administrative activities. Many of the safety protocols discussed and outlined in the article were pioneered and are currently practiced by RGW physicians.

Additionally, Dr. Berinstein participated in a panel discussion titled “How Are Retina Practices Dealing With Late-Career Issues?” that was published in the Fall issue of the American Society of Retinal Specialists’ Retina Times magazine. The panel discussion was moderated by RGW’s Richard Garfinkel, M.D., and examined how retina groups address and resolve issues that commonly arise in the latter half of a retina professional’s career.

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