Clinical & Research Retinal and Macular Fellowship Program


Clinical & Research Retinal and Macular Fellowship Program

The Retina Group of Washington and Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center Retinal and Macular Clinical and Research Fellowship Program

The doctors at The Retina Group of Washington for many years have led and administered a clinical and research fellowship program in collaboration with Georgetown University and the Washington Hospital Center. This program is accredited by the Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology and participates in the San Francisco Match. One or two fellows are selected in alternate years to the comprehensive and diverse two-year training program through a competitive selection process. The fellowship program is under the direction of Dr. Michael M. Lai and Dr. Alexander Melamud, both of whom are Assistant Professors of Ophthalmology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

More information about the fellowship can be obtained by contacting Danna Thomas.

Recommended supplemental materials include PGY II and III OKAP scores and a copy of your passport/proof of citizenship. Please send supplemental materials to Danna Thomas.

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