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Ophthalmology Retina Publishes RGW Results of Research Study on Preventative Measures for Intravitreal Injections to Reduce Risk of Endophthalmitis by Dr. Joshua D. Levinson & RGW Colleagues

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The results of a research study on the timing of intravitreal injections to reduce the risk of endophthalmitis—conducted by Dr. Joshua D. Levinson and several other RGW doctors—were published in a recent issue of Ophthalmology Retina. Working with co-authors Dr. Richard A. Garfinkel, Dr. Daniel M. Berinstein and Dr. Frank A. Spellman, Dr. Levinson analyzed the effect of different injection protocols on the incidence of Endophthalmitis, a potentially serious bacterial infection of the eye. The study concluded that the use of a lid speculum, a tool that helps keep the eyelids open during the procedure, and adjusting the timing of administering the antibiotics was associated with a seven-fold decrease in the infection.

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