CentraSight Telescope Implant


CentraSight Telescope Implant

The CentraSight treatment program features a tiny telescope, an FDA-approved medical device, which is implanted inside the eye to improve vision and quality of life for individuals affected by end-stage Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Actual size of the telescope

CentraSight’s implantable telescope technology reduces the impact of the central vision blind spot caused by the disease. The telescope implant projects the objects the patient is attempting to see onto the healthy area of the light-sensing retina that has not degenerated.

About the size of a pea, the implant is intended to improve distance and near vision in people who have lost central vision in both eyes because of end-stage AMD. The telescope implant is surgically placed inside the eye that provides central vision; the other eye provides peripheral vision.

In most cases, to be considered a potential candidate for the telescope implant, an ophthalmologist must first confirm that you:

  • Have irreversible, end-stage AMD resulting from either the dry or wet form of the disease
  • Are no longer a candidate for drug treatment of your AMD
  • Have not had cataract surgery in the eye in which the telescope will be implanted
  • Meet age, vision and cornea health requirements

After the ophthalmologist confirms you are a candidate, your vision will be tested using an external telescope simulator. The results of the test and visual training/rehabilitation evaluation visits will help you and your ophthalmologist determine if you are likely to benefit from the CentraSight treatment program. If so, the tests will also help you and your ophthalmologist decide which eye should be treated and what your vision may be like after the telescope is inserted.

Consult your ophthalmologist to determine if this procedure is right for you. For more information, visit www.CentraSight.com or call 1-877-997-4448 and press 1.

Additional CentraSight video and material can be found here.

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